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In 2008, JohnnyFD was 27 and leading a drone-like existence in California. But a trip to Thailand changed his life. From Scuba Diving Instructor to competitive Muay Thai fighter to his present life as a successful Digital Nomad, his awakening and path epitomizes the Borderless lifestyle.

This week’s episode finds Johnny in South Africa, about to go on a safari, but still working on his drop-shipping business. We talk about his discoveries, finding one’s groove and just how good life can be when you’re willing to think outside your borders!

Show notes:

California drone life (2:43)
The move to Thailand (4:58)
Scuba diving instructor (5:54)
Muay Thai stint (8:35)
Transition to selling eBooks (10:50)
Discovering Thailand’s Digital Nomad community (12:30)
Discovering & embracing drop-shipping (13:20)
Focusing on paid ads (15:34)
Speed of success (17:05)
Combining financial success with low-cost lifestyle (17:05)
No debt/Better off than average American (19:55)
The Condescending Group ad (21:52)
Two different work modes (23:20)
Visiting South Africa; still growing business (25:54)
How this lifestyle allows for amazing experiences (26:54)
Daily goals/Work routine (29:29)
What life could have been vs. what it is now (31:28)
Finding one’s groove (32:31)
Drop-shipping course: (33:31)
Unwilling to use courses vs. Being a course junkie (34:36)
Banking from Thailand (36:20)
How I Invest my Money: 6 Steps (37:34)
Cheaper & better to rent in Thailand (40:16)
The Dark Side of Digital Nomads (44:32)
Establishing confidence (47:20)
Both bad & good information is available (48:01)
Giving advice vs. Providing solutions (49:40)
Johnny’s best advice (52:01)
We critique this article, “Why “Don’t Worry…” (53:58)
Pete Sisco’s “Leave the Rat Race” program offer (59:56)

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  • LawrenceNeal

    I’d rather read than listen. There’s no way to fast forward through the recording.

  • I rarely have an hour to spare so I would also LOVE the ability to read it instead of listening for an hour.

  • It was fantastic being on the show. The reason why I love audio interviews much more than written ones is you really get to dive in deep and get to know the hosts and the guests.

    When I had a 9-5 job I would just download them onto my phone and listen to them in the car during traffic, while sitting on planes or trains, while working out, or even while shopping at the grocery store.

    If anyone doesn’t have an hour to spare to listen to the interview, take it as a sign to create more freedom in your work schedule. Make it a goal and a priority to be able to work location independently and have the freedom of time to do what you’d enjoy and the things that can help you grow.

    Best of luck to everyone in your journeys!

  • Thanks for coming on, we’ve already had a great response.

  • We are looking in to getting some transcriptions done.

  • LawrenceNeal

    Thanks. Sitting and listening to someone talk for an hour is just more than I can do.

  • Terence Stamp

    You can download the file, and when you must stop listening, just pause and come back to it later.

  • Patrick

    looks like robert sacre

  • Patrick

    don’t sit, listen while you’re doin your errands, at the gym, cleaning, etc

  • Patrick

    listen while at the gym , cleaning, walking, subway

  • Patrick

    edited..made a comment while listening to the wrong podcast lol