Learn How to Get Paid $35,000 to Start a Business in Valparaíso, Chile – Start-Up Chile – Housenovo

I have mentioned several times that Chile has a program where they will actually give you money to start your business.

To give you a little more detail I made this video about the Start-Up Chile program and the co-working space that they have there called Housenovo.

I think that this is a phenomenal program for someone wanting to start a business outside the country as not only do they give you $35,000 but also the international contacts you need to get started. They then have a bigger program to continue funding you after you have reached your goals for the first year.

I would highly recommend this program OVER EXOSPHERE to anyone thinking of coming to Chile and starting a business.

  • Zach

    Hey James – are you aware if this $35,000 grant is still going strong?

  • Zach

    Hey James- are you aware of any other type of similar programs for entrepreneurs first starting out looking to be living abroad?

    I’m a new internet entrepreneur with one up and running business now and and another in the works looking for opportunities to be able to continue to grow these while living abroad and experiencing all the benefits of immersing myself in a foreign culture and living with very low expenses.

  • Hi Zach, I only know of this one and one similar in Colombia. I would encourage you to go back over all the podcasts and blog posts on this website. There is a TON of info about the topics that I think you are looking for.

  • Zach

    Hey James- I’ve listened to basically every podcast episode and am just starting to look at the blog now. While of course there is a ton of really helpful info this opportunity struck me as particularly unique in that it’s not just resources to help expats once moving there, but a major financial incentive to choose a specific city.

    Do you have a link to the opportunity in Columbia or further information about that?

    I’ll definitely keep you posted once I graduate college in the U.S. where I end up moving because after keeping up with the podcast for a while it will likely be in South America!