Medellín, Colombia: Low Costs, Amazing Weather and Beautiful Women



Gloria Zuluaga was born in Medellin, but relocated to Europe when quite young. It was a rich experience and led to her speaking four languages. But her beautiful hometown called and she returned to find a great need: relocation services for expats.

In this week’s episode, we talk about the positives (very many!) the negatives (hardly any!) and how her company, Medellin Executive Relocation, can help you get settled intelligently and comfortably.

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Show Notes:

Gloria’s company (1:50)
More background (2:32)
What’s so great about Medillin? (3:55)
Colombia positives (5:20)
Cost of housing (7:35)
Cost of living/restaurants (11:12)
Utilities (12:43)
Internet infrastructure (13:18)
Groceries (14:24)
Potential negatives/customer service (17:03)
Medical care/insurance (20:31)
Night life (23:10)
Beaches (24:45)
Colombia’s former reputation (25:54)
Bogota (27:26)
Attracting entrepreneurs (28:29)
Comments on government/Uribe (30:21)
Taxation (31:37)
The Condescending Group ad (33:41)
Opening bank accounts (34:53)
Citizenship (36:00)
The Colombian passport (37:41)
Colombian people (38:09)
Colombian women (39:29)
Gloria’s services (40:39)
Schools (42:17)
Cost for services (44:05)
Nomadtopia Live event in San Miguel (48:50)

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  • jiahzzang

    Gloria shared a lot of real information about Medellin. I live in El Poblado and enjoy so many amenities at a low cost. Thanks for a great episode!

  • Daniel

    This was an awesome episode, but I feel that the guest wasn’t properly researched. Her language ability didn’t lend itself to the joking and varied vocabulary of the native English-speaking hosts. It gave me some pena ajena when I heard her struggle with ‘concur’.
    Also, asking how the girls are in Medellin was way out in left field and didn’t have anything to do with the topic. I’m sure there are various opinions on this, but I felt it necessary to post that at least one person felt strongly enough against that question to visit your site and leave a comment. I prefer it when the hosts stay classy and professional, and get to the core of living and working in the country.
    I’ve subscribed and 5-star rated your podcast; I really enjoy your material. Just this podcast seemed like it wasn’t put together well and is not on the same level as the other episodes. Thanks for all your hard work!

  • Jonathan Lockwood

    Thanks for your input, Daniel. But if our asking about the women in Medellin seemed “in left field” or “not on the same level,” I’ll suggest you haven’t listened to many of our country spotlights. I think you’ll find we ask that in nearly all of them. From our research a bit more than 80% of our audience is male. Further, outside of the US and maybe certain other regions, it’s a perfectly natural question that people have no problem with–and isn’t considered un-classy. I thought Gloria’s English was just fine, and that there was apparently only one word in the entire podcast that caused a hesitation is evidence of this.

    Glad to hear you enjoy the podcast, and thank you for the 5-star rating.

  • Patrick

    lockwood such a good host imo, big skills imo !