Simon Black on How to Become a Sovereign Man



Simon Black is a West Point graduate and former Army Intelligence officer. It was a poor career move, but inevitably he came to question the nature of wars, governments and the banking system. The creator of Sovereign Man, he travels the globe looking for personal and economic opportunities to enrich his and his subscribers’ lives.

This is Jonathan’s favorite interview ever and is a guilty pleasure as we delve deeply into one of the reasons why many see the wisdom in internationalization: there are presently many reasons to question the structures that form the foundation of our very lives–and no downsides to creating a Plan B. Enjoy!

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Show Notes:

Simon’s Bio (1:15)
His youth & time in military (2:43)
When the US didn’t seem like home anymore (4:25)
Falling down the rabbit hole (6:03)
Life is happy & rich outside the US (8:55)
Creating a better life now vs. the (11:41)
Building our own mental “risk” (12:54)
90% of US money supply is digital (15:55)
Discussion of Bitcoin (17:52)
World Reserve Currency advantages/dangers (20:00)
What happens if that reserve status is lost? (23:34)
Government confiscates more in 2015 than non-government thieves (27:25)
Oblivious or apathetic? (28:25)
The Condescending Group ad (31:38)
Jurassic Park analogy (34:00)
What might a Plan B include? (39:02)
Middle Class no longer a US majority (40:05)
Remain oblivious, despair or educate & adjust (41:10)
Better off no matter what happens (42:58)
Opening a non-US bank account (45:39)
Reasons why one might want to live outside the US (47:05)
Foreign tax advantages (52:11)
What is “earned income”? (56:10)
Tax minimization immoral? (56:40)
Better use of tax collars (60:39)
What about renouncing? Passports? (65:25)
Decisions should be rational—not emotional (69:47)
No doom & gloom here! (72:23)
Simon’s best advice (74:00

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  • Harald Baldr

    I’m going to avoid the nano-aggressive nature of this interview, my racist nervous system and say that this was your best interview since McAfee. Simon knows his stuff. I find myself in agreement with 90% of what he says.

  • Jonathan Lockwood

    Glad to hear you enjoyed it as much as I did, Harald!

  • General Butler

    Sorry for skunking up this garden party, but based upon years of observing and analyzing Mr. Black, it seems most likely that he is a COINTELPRO controlled opposition figure whose mission is the following: create a “cul de sac” for disgruntled Americans where they can congregate, be accounted for, observed, and monitored; secondly, he is to preach a doctrine of anti-nationalism and globalism in line with the tenets of Agenda 21 and the so-called NWO. And he does this ever so cleverly, disguised as a dissenting military intelligence officer just gallivanting all over God’s green earth creating profitable companies and gaining access to elite insiders like Rhodes Scholar JR, Ron Paul, Nigel Firage, Mark Faber, etc. as if it’s all just based upon his intellect and perspicacity. Most of his message is true, but the way he answers why he does not renounce is the tell. The whole thing, the persona, the lifestyle, the newsletter, the fact that he’s able to gather insiders at conferences, be published regularly on Zero Hedge…it doesn’t add up. One can rarely be sure about such things, but the evidence would suggest he is a COINTELPRO operative.