They’re trying to end free speech on the Internet

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There’s been a disturbing trend in social media lately that’s got me worried. We all know that Facebook and Twitter have both been blocking users and content with opinions that they don’t like, but now YouTube has also jumped on the bandwagon.

Very recently YouTube has ratcheted up it’s tactics of censorship such as restricting the users that appear on people’s feeds, demonetizing videos out of the blue and hiding comments from the video uploader. 

I’m sure that like me, you have also gotten a lot of information from YouTube that has been interesting and informative in ways that you would never find on the mainstream media. 

They are trying to get us back on the couch watching the same old boring homogenized garbage that people are abandoning in droves for the more creative and interesting content creators on YouTube. 

For more info you can watch my video above and the others linked below. 

The freedom of speech that we’ve had on the internet has been one of the most promising aspects of modern world. I don’t want to see it taken away.

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