Jeff Berwick is a Conman, Scam Artist and Asshole


John Galton Wanted Libertarian Paradise in ‘Anarchapulco.’ He Got Bullets Instead

Bitcoin ATM

Jeff Berwick made a fake media campaign about a launching a Bitcoin ATM

Galt’s Gulch Chile

Jeff Berwick set up a Chilean land deal, it blew up and he lost everyone’s money and then he played the victim. $10.45 Million lost and not one person has been compensated.

TDV Passports

Jeff Berwick set up “TDV Passports” where he offered overseas passports for ridiculously low time frames claiming that he would pay off corrupt politicians. He then took the money, delivered nothing and played the victim.


To sell newsletters Jeff Berwick made a series of fear porn videos about a Jewish conspiracy that would end the United States. The crash never happened.

Bobby Casey’s takedown of Jeff Berwick Link

Who is Jeff Berwick? Scam Artist or Businessman? Link

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Jeff Berwick Gets Punked at Club Love Acapulco

Jeff Berwick is so drunk during one of his interviews that he can barely speak.

Jeff Berwick made a horrible rap song pumping EOS, it crashed as soon as it was released.

Jeff Berwick and his wife, Kena Lisette Moreno Berwick, falsely accused an innocent man of rape, after they tried to cover up Berwick being caught in one of their many predatory sexual exploits. The court ruled that Berwick lied, while the Berwicks fled the country.

Nadie defiende a la turista mexicana, ni sus amigas